Brian Lara International Cricket 2019 + Crack Key Patch

Brian Lara International Cricket Game:

Brian Lara International cricket 2007 is one of best cricket games ever made by Codemasters. One thing I like most about this game is reality-based shots. This game will work in a similar manner as a cricket match, if you want to hook, you will not get a sweep in this game. This game is named after all-time great player of West Indies (Brian Lara) who secured 400 scores in test cricket and I think he was the best player of that time.


Formats available in this game are

  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • T20 Cricket World Cup
  • Big Bash and County Cricket
  • Quickplay of 5, 10, 20, 50 overs.
  • User Choice Tournaments.


Players included this cricket game is any player who played cricket from 1999 till 2017. Styles of players, graphics of player and habits of players are also animated in this game perfectly, Dhoni will be a cool man and Kohli will be an aggressive one. A breaded player will show in this game with bread like Amla and a tackle will be shown hairless like Sehwag and Gibbs.

Commentary Level:

Commentary in this game is in English and Hindi format and commentator will also call a player with his name either he is bowling or batting. In fact, Commentator will also call fielder with names too.

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