EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Crack 12

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Crack 12

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro 12.0.0 is available here along with its crack and serial key for windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It is also compatible with all older windows but it will work best for Windows 7 & 8. EaseUs is a data recovery tool that is one of the top rated and working data recovery tools. Like other tools, it also claims that it will recover all of your deleted data like audio, video and important files. This is ideal data recovery tool that works like charm and its speed is super fast.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard pro crack

This perfect data recovery tool comes in market with a lot of optimum features to retrieve accidentally deleted data. Retaking a disappeared thing is too much difficult but EaseUS made it quite easy. If you have lost some important files or photos, you can use EaseUS as it is a superb tool for recovering your lost files. It is one of the outstanding software whose interface is too much simple and very easy to operate. This matchless data recovery software is magnificent and wonderful because it really helps and cares about you to eliminate your stress.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Crack

Here I will provide you its fully functionating crack that will work for a lifetime unless you update it.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Serial Key

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Why EaseUS?

This is digital era and a lot of our files are computerized nowadays and there is always a risk for misplacement of these files that may cause a serious worry for us. Some files got deleted accidentally, some of them lost due to computer issues. Your kids can also delete them while playing games or watching cartoons. In short, there are a lot of ways that may cause your important files to lose. In order to avoid these types of losses, EaseUS company launched this mind-blowing software, that can restore a part or full of your deleted files. On Data recovery market, this software gains the maximum trust of its users, simply you can say that EaseUS is a sublime example of great recovery tools. This marvelous tool saves your precious time and also can be used on pop down window. You can also resume your windows processing while using this splendid and admirable tool.

Another great reason to use EaseUS is that it can also restore deleted data from a flash drive or USB device. It can also retrieve data from memory cards. There always are too many chances of damaging your hard drives and most of the USB pen drives catch viruses very soon which may result in serious damage of your saved data. EaseUS can also restore lost data from USB drives too.

EaseUS Features:

  • FAT File System:
    • With the help of this great tool, you can now restore your FAT files without any risk and with maximum speed. As this software supports improved FAT file recovery, you can enlist EaseUS data recovery wizard tool as a no.1 tool.
  • PDF Scanning:
    • Recovery of pdf files is not too much easy because this format is much different from other types of files. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro can recover pdf files after scanning them in the much precise way.
  • Crash Recovery:
    • Most of your files lost due to some crash in your drives. Or there may be some breakdown of your devices due to which, you can lose your important data stored in these type of drives, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro can also recover that gone date too.
  • Infected Recovery:
    • Some files mix with bugs an attack of some unwanted codes or programs. Some antiviruses and trojans may also attack directly to your hard drives that may cause the deletion or infection of your saved data. Now you can not open that data or it may be corrupted. These types of infected and corrupted data can be restored by use of EaseUS data recovery tool.
  • Partition Recovery:
    • Whenever you try to make a secondary partition in a primary partition, there is always a risk for disappearing your data. Data lost due to this operation can now be recovered using EaseUS data recovery Wizard.
  • Format Recovery:
    • Sometimes, we format hard drives mistakenly from our computer or mobile device. It can also happen for USB drives. In order to recover accidentally formatted data, we must have a strong data recovery tool like EaseUS.
  • Deleted Recovery:
    • Now come towards the most important feature of this pronounced and appreciable software, it can recover and restore all of your deleted data which you can delete accidentally or by wish. Restoring deleted data is no more difficult after the development of EaseUS.

Supported Hard Drives:

    • iPod
    • USB
    • Floppy
    • Secure Digital card
    • SCSI HDD
    • SATA HDD
    • Firewire HDD
    • Memory cards
    • Sticks
    • Compact Discs
    • Flash Card
    • External HDD
    • Micro Card
    • IDE Hard disk
    • Zip Drive


  • It is too much simple and reasonable
  • Its Interface is user-friendly and easy to operate
  • Regardless of the conditions of damaging or lost files, it recovers them all.
  • Once files scanned and recovered, it will show a preview option for them.
  • Lost emails can also be recovered by it.
  • If there exists some problem while using it, you can go for its official support.

In conclusion, EaseUS developed for your relief because it reduces the risk of permanently lost your very important data. With the help of this software, you can extract data from infected hard drives and USB storage devices. You can regain all lost data that may be lost by the attack of very risky viruses and malware. You can recollect formatted and mistakenly deleted data while using this top rated software.

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