Icecream eBook reader Pro (2019) v5.19 + Crack Serial Key

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Icecream eBook reader is a platform to read books on computer or phone which are normally in pdf, mobi, fb2, epub, cbz, and cbr format. Like adobe reader, this tool allows you to download and read books electronically. As this is era of digital media so everything is coming in market digitally and the book also. That’s why software like icecream ebook reader got too much importance because without these type of tools, you will not be eligible to study books on your electronic devices.

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Files Sorting

Using this tool, you can sort your ebooks in many ways as this allows you to sort books in the library according to their categories. Files can be sorted in many ways like favorites, formats, recently read etc. You can make as many directories as you want.


With its bookshelf feature, the user can view certain file along with its detail information. This saves user’s time as you can get all file detail without opening it.


Its library is totally customizable. The user can easily sort and view books in the library by adding or exploring different directories.


Icecream ebook reader is supported by multi-languages. You can use any format of language while exploring the files.


While using icecream ebook reader, the user can open up to 10 files at once in grid view.


User can search their books at any position, no need to close recent book go back and search for another file. The user can search files from library and directories while reading the current book. This feature is available only for premium users.

Reading Progress

This feature helps user to check his reading detail. How many pages he had read and how many remaining. This feature is also available in percentage mode.

Copying & Translations

By double-clicking and then selecting, the user can copy or translate selected lines. This allows the user to convert any text from one language to another. Selected text lines can also be copied to anywhere as the stores in the clipboard.

Reading Modes

A user can edit text size according to his wish as this feature helps the user to change reading mode. A user can use full screen or selected screen and may also zoom screen according to desire.


Icecream eBook reader has an easy, user-friendly and attractive interface with a lot of features.

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